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Cities Skylines Remastered

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Wanna get even more of the premium city building experience? Then it’s time to play Cities Skylines Remastered! This version packs the best features of all existing releases and more! You’ll be thrilled with the range of tools and possibilities this wonderful game will offer to you. With good planning and managing, they can be put to the right use in a matter of hours!

Great residences and all kinds of commerce

First off, you’ve got your basic residential buildings. You know, the kind where your citizens live and sleep and eat and do all sorts of other things. But these ain’t your grandma’s houses, oh no! You can build high-rise apartments that scrape the sky, or quaint little bungalows that are just too adorable for words.

Then there are commercial buildings. These are the places where your citizens go to spend their hard-earned money, and boy, do they have a lot of options! You can build giant shopping malls that make the Mall of America look like a convenience store, or cozy little boutiques that sell artisanal hand-knitted socks.

High-tech plants and crazy entrainments!

But that’s not all. You’ve also got industrial buildings, where your citizens work their little sim butts off to keep the economy humming. You can build factories that churn out everything from cars to cheeseburgers, or power plants that make power. And let’s not forget about the civic buildings. These are the places where your citizens go to learn, play, and get their daily dose of culture. You can build libraries that rival the Library of Alexandria, stadiums that make the Super Bowl look like a pick-up game, and museums, with art and stuff.

So it’s going to take you a lot of efforts and thinking to build the city of your dream. But the result will be totally worth it! With these little tips in mind, let’s lay the fundament of your future super city and turn it into a true haven for all those virtual residents who are going to move in with Cities Skylines Remastered!

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