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Cities Skylines

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Are you a fan of city building simulators? Then you should definitely check out Cities Skylines! This great game offers you a whole bunch of great opportunities when it comes to building your own city and making it thrive. Plunge into this vibrant world and see if you can come up with the city of the year!

More, better, funner than before!

The whole thing begins on a square that measures two by two kilometers. Afterwards, we acquire adjacent lands. The overall area now extends to six by six kilometers, which is considerably more spacious than one might anticipate.The initial inventory of tools leaves no room for doubt: indeed, we shall engage in the same activities as we did many years ago. We lay out roadways, striving to preempt potential traffic issues. We provide new and long-time denizens with social services, energy, water, and other accoutrements of civilization. Through mayoral edicts, we delimit residential, commercial, and industrial regions.

However, there are noticeable changes. The development zones no longer have strict rectangular boundaries – instead, there is a fine mesh, so that an area of heretical shape (such as triangular) will be built from edge to edge. If the cells are successfully arranged in a five-by-five square, the builders will create a huge store with a parking lot, a slightly smaller one will be a bench, and if one square is lost, a cozy gas station will grow there. This is a real gift for lovers of intricate shapes: draw with roads anything you like, there will still be a place to settle residents and workers.

Set your city alive!

The city in Skylines is not static, its constituent parts change rapidly. Manual division into districts helps to react to this: we select the necessary blocks, name them somehow – and go ahead, check the boxes next to the edicts. There is a whole bunch of laws here that help to manage separately – support for parks, smoking bans, energy saving, smoke detectors installation. In addition, industrial areas are endowed with specialization – logging, mining, or, for example, agriculture.

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