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In the game Builderment you need to build a factory, which will turn out to be the most high-tech and developed. But you will have to start with small simple production processes. They will allow you to get income and the basis for further development to achieve the main goal. Events unfold on another planet, where there are almost infinite resources, so new limitless opportunities open up before you.

Build a Dream Factory

This is a real-time strategy where you will have to make quick decisions and handle tasks as they arise. During production, various situations may occur that slow down or stop the production process, resulting in lower revenues. Gradually you will have to discover new technologies, put additional equipment and move to more complex production. Since the events take place not on Earth, you have an unlimited territory, which you can build up your workshops and conveyor lines. By building automated mining and processing networks, you will make the process easier. From the extracted resources you need to produce various items, and then send them to the home planet.

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