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LEGO Fortnite

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The LEGO Fortnite game is a great example of a successful merger of several brands. LEGO Fortnite didn’t bring gameplay features to the walkthrough, but made great innovations in appearance and graphics. The rules remain pretty much the same as in the standard Fortnite mode. In front of you is a standard battle royal, where many players converge on the field and the winner in the end can remain only one.

What’s the appeal of the game?

The building mechanics in the original game was a lot like a constructor, so the idea of such a combination was self-evident. Now you can use Lego-style environment elements to create fences, stairs, and bridges. This is a great option for those who want to familiarize themselves with these mechanics. Locations and the learning process are made in such a way that their basics will be easily mastered by a player of any age and with any experience of the game.

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