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Hello Neighbour 3

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Hello neighbor 3 game belongs to the horror genre. As in previous parts, your main goal is to get inside the dwelling of your suspicious neighbor. This is necessary in order to unravel his secrets and understand who lives next to you. Once inside the house, you find yourself in a dark and mysterious place. Here danger awaits at every step. But there is no way back, as you can get out of here only by going all the way.


In the third part of the game you are waiting for a more fantastic neighbor’s house, little connected with reality. It has a lot of secret rooms. Especially for newcomers to the series, your adventure will start with tutorial tasks. You will have to explore the environment and solve puzzles to avoid falling into traps. New mechanics are introduced here, making the gameplay more exciting. On some levels there are bosses, the passage of which is mandatory to complete the story part.

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