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1V1 LOL Building Simulator

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The game 1v1 lol building simulator belongs to the shooter genre. The view is presented from the third person. Here you need to make your own way on the map, getting through the positions of enemies. In addition to shooting, your hero can build walls, ramps and a variety of platforms. This allows you to expand the gameplay vertically, which makes the passage more diverse. As the main game mode here is made battle royal. Multiple players start the game and the winner will be the one who turns out to be the last survivor.

How to play?

In 1v1 lol building simulator the main task is to destroy all opponents on the map. There are no mandatory conditions for using the character’s abilities. You can act according to any tactics you choose. The ability to quickly and correctly build defenses is an advantage, but to win you need to find and destroy enemies, not sit in one place.

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