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House Flip

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The game House flip belongs to the genre of economic simulator, in which you will trade real estate. Naturally, before selling the house you will need to buy it. Your budget is not very big, so you will have to find an inexpensive house and try to make it more expensive real estate. Within the gameplay you will have to buy, restore and sell houses, gradually developing and getting great opportunities for development in real estate.

What is the gameplay?

During the game you will see mostly drawings, sums and various images of buildings. The main emphasis is on the economic part. Having made the first few purchases, you will already understand which offers will be more profitable, which are easier to sell, and for which it is better not to take. After purchasing a house, you will be presented with a plan of the building, where you can make various improvements to increase the final value of the house before selling it. In some cases, this will require a significant amount of time and noticeable waste, but all efforts can pay off after a favorable deal. Gradually, you can become a major player in the real estate market of the entire city.

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