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The game RimWorld belongs to the genre of management and construction simulators. It is dedicated to the science fiction theme. Here you manage a small group of survivors who found themselves on a new planet. Now after the crash of a spaceship you need to build a new world where people can survive.

What will you have to do in the game?

The main goal is to help a group of survivors to build their own colony and develop it to be able to live in a new place. To do this, you will have to overcome various difficulties and difficult moments. The player needs to choose a location for the first objects of his own colony, then set the initial parameters for the members of the group of survivors. They can have different skills, abilities and personality traits. You are required to take care of the needs of your group. As you go through, you will face different threats. It can be hunger, diseases, bad weather, enemy attack. The player will be able to appreciate the deep level of elaboration of the simulation. There is a procedural generation of elements, so each game will be unique in its own way. At the same time, there are quite simple graphics.

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