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Pro Builder 3D

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The game Pro Builder 3d is an excellent multi-level construction simulator. Here you will have to build your own real estate, using different materials. You will face all the complexities of work in the form of lack of materials, the need to buy new equipment, as well as with the sale of the finished building. All problems need to be solved as they arise, as each level is a mini-game where you need to finish the project. You can’t postpone problems with supplies or equipment, because the sooner you finish the job, the sooner you get the money.

What is available in the game?

At the very beginning you need to build an ordinary wooden house, which is a simple tutorial task. Here you only need wood and you can use additional techniques when the opportunity arises. Having sold the first house, you will be opened already more complex projects. To build the second object, you need to use not only wood, but also stone and other materials. When passing, you will need to sell something, buy new things, buy forklifts to speed up transportation. Gradually the needs and opportunities will become more and more, which expands the gameplay.

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