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Tiny Landlord

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Welcome to Tiny Landlord, the game where you can become the ultimate landlord and build your very own city! In this game, you take on the role of a city manager, responsible for building and managing your own city!

Embark on a fascinating city-bulging adventure!

With a range of buildings to choose from, including homes, shops, and public buildings, you can create a city that’s uniquely your own. As you build your city, you’ll need to manage your resources and finances carefully. You’ll need to make smart investments and budget your funds wisely to keep your city running smoothly. Another cool feature of Tiny Landlord is the ability to interact with your citizens. You can listen to their complaints and suggestions and make changes to your city based on their feedback. And with a variety of challenges and objectives to complete, the game offers endless possibilities for creativity and strategy. Start building your own thriving metropolis today!

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