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The game Blockcraft sends you to a world where you can build almost anything. It is limited only by your imagination and desire to extract resources. Before you open endless opportunities for exploration, during which the player can collect resources, discover new places, create various objects. This is a sandbox game, where you have to find your own entertainment, using physics and other features of the surrounding world. It is very easy to master here, after which an infinite number of possibilities open up before you.

Controls in the game

Here there is a simplified control, in which you can disassemble objects with a single mouse button, pointing at them and selecting the appropriate object. The view for the player is presented in a first-person perspective. You can move in a three-dimensional plane, jump over objects, climb on ledges. If you have just one block above your level in front of you, you can climb it automatically by moving forward. If there are two blocks in front of you at the top, then in this case you need to come up with a detour or try to jump on them. With higher obstacles, jumping may not help. This should be taken into account when exploring the territory.

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