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The Game Of Life

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The game of life is a computer version of the board game that has been published since 1860. In front of you is a revised, updated and modernized version of the classic, which fully reflects the features of the original. In front of you will be the same field, cards with random events and other features. This helps more to immerse yourself in the gameplay. The main goal of the game is to live a life. During this time, various random and planned events may occur, which you will have to cope with as they appear. In the end, you have to live to retirement, which can be considered a successful completion.

What’s in store for players?

Everything is designed to create the experience of playing a board game. In addition to the basic fields, animations and interactive components have been added, but the essence remains the same. When passing you choose the paths of development of your character, you can immediately start working or learning. Each option has its own challenges and can involve risky situations, many of which involve chance. You need to deal with work and family issues, real estate, insurance and other matters. When reaching retirement, the player should have a sufficient amount of funds.

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