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The game GeoGuessr is a very interesting and exciting adventure for those who love traveling. The main goal is to guess the place that is shown on the screen. There can be not only famous locations for tourists, but also little-known streets, for the definition of which you can use hints, assess the climate, nature, architectural features and other details. The closer you are to the real location of the shown picture, the more points you get. The goal of the game is to guess the locations of five random snapshots.

The main aspects of picture puzzles

The game uses those photos that are present in the Street View database, so they can end up almost anywhere in the world. The photo could be of a famous city, a remote village, a stretch of road with scenery, a natural area, etc. When looking at the snapshot, players can rotate in all directions to assess the surroundings and see any clues to pinpoint the location. You must then identify on the world map exactly where that location is. The most points are given when you manage to guess a location within 150 meters of your specified point.

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