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Tribals Survival game is a classic survival simulator in which you are left alone in the wilderness. All the items and things that you may need to ensure your own safety and create comfortable conditions you will have to get literally from scratch. To do this, you need to explore the surrounding world, find resources, make yourself a shelter and weapons, and fight with the local inhabitants.

What the plot of the game is about

According to the plot of the game, you find yourself a survivor after a shipwreck. Your character remains on the seashore on a deserted island. He does not have any special skills, and also he has no things. Now you have to get everything you need from the wilderness. You can meet other survivors, animals, as well as a lot of plants and other resources. With the help of all this you can create a place to live, weapons and items necessary for further stay on the island. The game quite realistically conveys the conditions of staying in such a place. You feel hunger, you are affected by weather conditions, with the change of day and night the environment changes. You will have to adjust to all the changes in the world around you, because otherwise an unprotected person will not survive in difficult conditions.

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