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Terra Nil

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Are you worried about our ecology? Would you like to make things better in the world and make sure the subtle balance that keeps our planet spinning lasts another few billions of years? Then it’s the kind of game you just can’t skip!

Save Earth and have fun!

Terra Nil will make you feel like a real eco hero because you are about to save the planet. The goal is to restore a barren wasteland into a thriving ecosystem, while minimizing the impact on the environment. There are plenty of high-tech instruments you can use for this purpose, and all of them, of course, are recyclable! It’s like SimCity, but with a conscience!

The game encourages players to think about the consequences of their actions, and to use renewable resources whenever possible. Plus, the graphics are gorgeous, so you’ll feel like you’re in your own little slice of paradise. So start your eco-friendly journey right now and see if you can restore Earth to its former green glory!

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