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Monkey Market

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In the game Monkey market you will have to play for an enterprising monkey, who decided to open a small store selling bananas and this business turned out to be very successful. Products among relatives were quite popular and the business began to grow and develop strongly. The game belongs to the genre of economic simulator, in which you will have to simultaneously deal with the immediate business in the store, as well as plan its development, buying equipment, hiring employees and supporting the functioning of the accompanying farm.

Who might be interested in the game?

This game is suitable for all ages and interests. The balance is well worked out here, as you start with a simple shelf with bananas and gradually develop to a large store. Once you realize that you can’t handle everything going on, there will be an opportunity to hire one or more employees. Gradually you will add corn, milk, eggs, ice cream, popcorn, and other items. All this requires investment and maintenance, but it brings more profit. In the game you are waiting for pleasant graphics, unobtrusive music and exciting gameplay.

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